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About Quiubas Mobile

We love technology, simplicity and SMS

Quiubas started with a simply plan in mind, to become the number 1 SMS platform in Mexico and well, we succeeded. Now we go beyond with Latin America service delivery, making possible to reach anyone in the region by SMS.

Our tools make it possible to integrate any existing software-desktop, web, mobile, with SMS feature, Our messaging platform is robust, scalable and cloud powered.

Quiubas Mobile is a hassle-free service, easy and fast to use, no contracts or commitments at all, just send SMS!

Starting in 2007, Quiubas was the first company in Mexico to offer SMS messaging for companies to reach clients. Through all these years, we became experts in the field. In 2014 Quiubas! became Quiubas Mobile, to reflect our mobile services offering.

We are proud to be long term partners with the largest aggregators in the industry, as well as leading OTTs and financial institutions in Mexico. 

Quiubas Mobile quality and commitment to foster and develop a more secure messaging industry has made then a preferred America Movil regional aggregator.

Leading world companies trust us, join them


Are you a talented and bright individual?

We always welcome talented people on our team, our company does make a difference in the technology field; so if you want to join us, drop us a line with an awesome cover letter and resume to [email protected]