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Verified SMS by Google

You can verify business SMS to customers and improve the experience with security and style.

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* To receive a vSMS you need Android 5.2 or higher + Messages App + Chat features enabled

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Quiubas Hashes and sends your SMS.


Customer receives a message from the Business.


Google Compares the message hash with the one Quiubas sent.


Google confirms that the message was sent by your brand.


Device displays the Sender with a verification badge.

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What do I need to start sending Verified SMS?

Ask your SMS provider for Verified SMS. Google will send you an email to ensure you are related to the brand and give permission to your SMS vendor to send SMS on behalf of your brand.

What do I need to have verified SMS in my phone?

You need an official Verified SMS partner like Quiubas Mobile, Android Device with version 5.2 or greater and Messages APP installed and use as default app for SMS.

Verified SMS is not a normal SMS?

Verified SMS follows the same path of an SMS, the difference is that your Android device with your Messages APP will validate if the message comes from a trusted source by displaying your logo and description of your brand.

Do I need a lot of data for verifying a Sender?

No, the amount of data to verify a sender is very low.

I currently have an SMS provider, can I start sending Verified SMS?

In order to send Verified SMS, your SMS vendor needs to be an official Google Partner. Check Google official partners.

Can any Company send Verified SMS?

Only companies with the required documents to verify the brand. Contact Quiubas Sales Team sales@quiubas.com or your Quiubas Account Manager.

Is Verified SMS available for all phones?

Verified SMS is only available for Android OS devices at the moment.

Will I get to know how many costumers got a Verified SMS?

Yes, our platform allows you to get that information.

If there is no data available, how will my verified sms show?

It will not display the logo of the brand but will change to verified once data is available.

What are the benefits of using VSMS?

Verified SMS will help you enhance your conversations with users, build trust and prevent scams.

Is Verified SMS more expensive than regular SMS?

There is a small fee for this feature, but in exchange you get additional data about your messages. Contact Quiubas Sales Team sales@quiubas.com or your Quiubas Account Manager.

How long does it take to implement it?

The implementation is very fast and easy. Contact Quiubas Sales Team sales@quiubas.com or your Quiubas Account Manager.