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Short Codes

Make sure clients can contact you any time by sending an SMS message to a number that is easy to remember

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How it works


Communicate your short code with your clients, send SMS messages through our website or your own software or app


Clients can contact you directly or reply to your short code after receiving SMS messages


We deliver your replies wherever you prefer: on your phone, in your inbox or directly within your software


Reasons to use a Short Code

  • Easy integration
  • Branding
  • Send and receive SMS messages with a 4 or 5 digit phone number that is easy to remember


Improve your communication

Dedicated Short Code

Interact with your clients using a dedicated short code, digits or alphanumeric

Shared Short Code

Interact with your clients by using a unique keyword on a shared short code

Carrier Billing

Clients can buy an pay directly to you using their phone


Shared Short Codes and Keywords are always free. Dedicated Short Codes are subject to carriers' terms and conditions

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